Cruzee Balance Bikes

You know what I’d like? A brand new Cruzee Balance Bike!

The Cruzee Balance Bike has arrived in North America to kick off 2016!

The Cruzee Balance Bike is the lightest safest, most high-performance balance bike in the world. Engineered by parents who want the best for our children, we are excited to make our bikes available to all children in North America.

[responsive_youtube 3NZ7h6bSVSI]

Balance bikes have proven the world over to be the safest & fastest way for kids to learn – and love – to ride a bike. The kids bike experts/bloggers/moms over at Two Wheeling Tots posted this great overview of why you should consider a balance bike for your child, citing these five key reasons:

  • Safety
  • More Economical
  • Encourage Kids to Get Outside and Play
  • Improved Family Time
  • Ride Pedal Bikes Sooner

Read the full article here: “Why Balance Bikes Are Worth the Hype