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The Best Balance Bike Possible For Your Child’s First Bike

Cruzee balance bikes are simply the worlds best balance bike. It is the result of decades of experience in the bike manufacturing industry, as well as, quality components, material, and engineering. They are a no pedal bike that provide a superior alternative to training wheels. A Cruzee is the number one choice for your child’s first bike.

Why a No Pedal Bike

At Cruze we are driven by a strong passion for bikes. As parents, we want to share and pass on this passion to the next generation by providing children the best no pedal bike possible. A Cruzee is a superior no pedal bike alternative to tricycles and training wheels as your child’s first bike. A no pedal bike allows your child to focus entirely on improving their balance by taking the pedals out of the equation. Your child has the confidence of being able to touch the ground as they learn to ride.

Lightweight and Strong

We manufacture using the best possible materials and components. Weighing in at 2.0kg/ 4.4lbs, using aircraft grade aluminium, the lightweight design makes our bikes extremely easy to handle and manoeuvre. Giving your child the confidence to truly take ownership of their first bike. Utilising sealed airless tyres and sealed bearings our bikes, are tough enough to survive anything your child can throw at it and will stay rust free wherever your child chooses to leave it for the night.

Engineered for Fun

Our engineering delivers a bike that builds your young child’s confidence and balance skills while providing tonnes of fun, entertainment and good times along the way. 


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“Ridiculously light and beautifully crafted, the Cruzee……. truly stands out from the crowd. With its sparkling anodized aluminum frame, multiple safety features and ultra-lightweight frame, the Cruzee is an excellent starter bike for the youngest and lightest riders.” Read more at twowheelingtots.com

“……..for your little one I would most definitely recommend a Cruzee…..the lightweight aluminium is just so much easier to handle.” Read more at stuffmumslike.com

“The Cruzee is a real box ticker – price, safety, spec, colours and adjustability – this brand has put thought into its products.” Read more at totalwomanscyclying.com’s mums corner.

Only 4.4 lbs (2.0 Kg) !!

That’s right, Our Cruzee bikes are the lightest bike of their type avaliable and the strongest too.

Great features packed in a tiny bike.

You know what I’d like? A brand new Cruzee Balance Bike!

The Cruzee Balance Bike has arrived in North America to kick off 2016! The Cruzee Balance Bike is the lightest safest, most high-performance balance bike in the world. Engineered by parents who want the best for our children, we are excited to make our balance bikes...

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The Colors of Cruzee

The stunning colors of Cruzee bikes are created by a unique chemical process that changes the surface of our bikes into stunning 'Sapphire'...

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