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Cruzee, Sustainability & the environment

A few thoughts about sustainability.

At Cruzee we care deeply about how our actions effect the world around us.  We produce our bicycles in accordance with ROHS standards for all processes from making tubes, to finishing the bikes. We use post consumer paper in the boxes, soy inks, and we use stainless steel on nuts and bolts to avoid plating processes.

In just 6 months of operation we have reduced the fuel usage in transport of our bikes world wide by 27%. All our bikes are made in Taiwan, and although many people might have many ideas about Taiwan, the truth is Taiwan has adopted incredibly far reaching standards for reclamation, reduction, recycling and reuse.  We pay very livable wages to very skilled workers, and yet we are not stopping here.

We have a wide range of initiatives to reduce the emissions during manufacturing, and distribution of products. We will periodically ask all of our group of Cruzee pilot parents what we might do to improve the sustainability of everything we touch. We will ask people to help us determine if normal packaging is needed or if we might try something really new and much more sustainable.

Having lived in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America we’ve see a lot of beautiful places, we always try to leave these places as we found them, being in any industrial and commercial business makes this a huge challenge, but one that’s very well worth the effort.

We at Cruzee don’t want to just make a difference, we want to make the difference.