Cruzee Heroes T-Shirt Brain


T-Shirt featuring the Cruzee Heroes character, Brain. Every group has one, and the Cruzee Heroes family has Brain – the crazy one.



Cruzee Heroes T-Shirt Brain

Every group has one, and the Cruzee Heroes family has Brain – the crazy one.  Crazy in a good way, he is a mad scientist with amazing ideas.  Ideas so incredible that some of the Cruzee Heroes call them absurd and implausible, but Brain never gives up and wins in the end.

One of Brain’s best ideas was the “Walk-a-lot”, a breathtaking and perplexing invention… until Fin ate it.  As a result Fin the shark grew legs and feet and now he’s a shark with legs and feet… the end.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Brain also invented Crank the space riding robot with out of this world supersonic rocket boots. That was a great idea!

The perfect t-shirt for your Cruzee riding toddler.  The Cruzee Hero collection features fun characters cruising the world on two wheels.

These soft, 100% cotton tees come in colors to match your child’s Cruzee bike: blue, pink, red, purple, yellow, green, orange, gray, white and black.

Wear it on a biking adventure, to the playground or out on a playdate.  No matter the occasion, your child will have a blast letting everyone know he or she can ride a bike.

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Additional information

Shirt Size

2T, 4T, Youth XS

Shirt Color

green, orange, red


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